Long Road Out Of Eden World Tour!

OYEAHHHHH!!!! Eagles going on tour!!

March 20, 2008 starts LROE World Tour @ the O2 Arena in London, UK!!


Our Eagles Stuff

Well, we talked with each other about our Eagles Stuff..What do we have about our lovely band.
And we write our name on it, if we have the album/other things

This is our Eagles stuff:
Eagles (1972) (Dominique)
Desperado (1973) (Dominique and Danielle)
On The Border (1974) (Dominique..actually my dad..)
One Of These Nighs (1975) (Dominique and Danielle)
'71 - '75 Their Greatest Hits (1975) (Dominique and Danielle..Danielle: I have the cd album and my mom the original LP)
Hotel California (1976) (same as '71 - '75 Their Greatest Hits)
The Long Run (1979) (Nobody..O.O)
Eagles Live (1980) (Dominique)
Eagles Greatest Hits Volume II (1982) (Dominique and Danielle)
Hell Freezes Over (1994) (Nobody..O.O)
Selects Works (1999) (Nobody)
Hole In The World (2001) (Dominique)
The Very Best Of (2003) (Dominique)
Long Road Out Of Eden (2007) (Dominique and Danielle)

Hell Freezes Over (1994)
Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne (2004)
(Dominique and Danielle)

Rolling Stone
(Dominique: My parents have a subscription on it)
REVOLVER (2007) (Danielle: I saw it in the store)

And we have a few other artikels and other things



Hey everyone!

Well the first message..
Hope you like oud blog,
Busy Being Fabulous goes Hotel California.
We love Busy Being Fabulous and Hotel California, so yeah our work!

For the music we want to thank:
the Eagles (Glenn, Don, Joe, Timothy: Thanks that we're being Welcome To Your Hotel California! We Love You!)
the Rolling Stones (Mick, Keith, Ron, Charlie (If we make a mistake..sorry!): We Are Going To Paint It All Black! Thanks Guys!)
Queen (Freddie, Brain, Roger, John: We Will Rock You! Thanks!)
Lucy Walsh
(Lucy, You're Totaly Not Uncool!)
Shania Twain (Shania, You're Still The One with the amazing music! Thanks!)

Well, have fun here!!

Dominique & Danielle